Thursday, August 26, 2010


Hello dear friend who will read this!

Since it's the time of year for fresh starts and new beginning I feel like it's a perfect time to relaunch this site. I'm going to be making some changes and playing around with stuff along with getting Andi back on board...I think I can. Hopefully...crosses fingers.... =D

The book/movie reviews will be coming back up constantly and of course lovely G.P.O.V. (Girls Point of View) reviews on all things geeky. XD

Basically I'm writing this blog to motivate me to do stuff! Life has been hectic right now and I find myself moving yet AGAIN!! ACK!!

In the meantime to hold you over I strongly suggest checking these guys out!

Click here to check out their YouTube Channel. And click here if you wanna follow them on Twitter!! They're really good friends of mine and really cool guys!!

So until next I post which will be soon! Don't fret!