Sunday, April 11, 2010

Book review # 2 - Regeneration by Pat Barker

Hello everyone! Andi here. I figured why I have the time in between homework that I would update you all on a book. Now... which one to chose?

I'm going to do something that is not really my cup of tea (since I adore young adult fiction and fantasy fiction) but I really enjoyed the book!

Regeneration by Pat Barker is half fiction and half historical, using characters from Pat Barker's personal life to tell the gripping tale of S. Sassoon and Dr. Rivers and the Great War. I say gripping because once you begin this novel, I guarantee you won't put it down! Barker uses poetry and prose to relive the nightmares of shell-shocked soldiers held at Craig Lockheart mental hospital. With interesting relationships, romance, secrets and terror, Barker presents a tale that is all too real and chilling to dismiss.

The greatest thing about this book is how Barker presents the world between men and women and the questions we have in gender equality. There are women present within this novel, but they have jumped out of their stereotypes and entered into a brand new world that is being shaped by their contributions. While some men in Lockheart hospital take the traditional role of the male stereotype, others resort to a more feminine approach and so the lines in which our world has set themselves upon gender-wise becomes blurred in an intriguing way.

I definitely recommend going into this book with an open mind and you'll find that you love it!

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