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Book Review #1: The Abhorsen Trilogy by Garth Nix

Hey! So this is exciting. First post and all. So before I jump into the first book review, I'm going to tell you a little about what's going on here. Follow me! -->

About a year ago, I (Andrea) got this crazy idea to make a blog about literature so that our friends could see what we were reading and if we liked it or not, etc. I proposed the idea to a few friends and got immediate responses. We started a blog called "Bookwormers," and due to unforeseen events, had to put that site to a halt. However, Lydia and I have continued on our journey to relay information about literature in our lives to people and have sparked this new creation! [Many thanks are needed here to Lydia and all of her hard work at putting this idea in motion. She's the creator behind the web page, etc. Truly, she is a webmaster!] So here we are, Lydia and I, writing about things we love. We will eventually have more people coming in with guest posts and so forth. They're going to be amazing!

Now that I've introduced who we are, let us begin!

The Abhorsen Trilogy: Sabriel, Lirael, Abhorsen by Garth Nix

Enter into a world of The Charter, Free Magic, Necromancers (Free Magic sorcerers who capture the Dead and make them into slaves) and Abhorsens (Charter Mages who harness the Dead to put them back to rest). The three book set is amazing, full of twists, romance (not in the trashy way, I assure you!), magic, battles, sacrificing and who could forget the creature known as Moggot.
From the first moment you step into these books, you're captivated by the magical world and the nonmagical world that abuts its boundaries by the Great Wall and the mysterious black-haired female with icicles dangling off her body, rigid as stone. Following this story that intertwines throughout all three novels is a rich story built around the Abhorsen family tree as well as the Daughters of the Clayr.
Unlike the magical novels everyone knows today (and yes, I'm speaking of the wonderful Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling), these three novels encompasses your very senses and brings you into the swirling golden light of the Charter magic and the stinging metallic smell of Free magic.
Sabriel: The story follows a young woman through her adolescents. Going about a quest to find her father, Sabriel meets interesting and mysterious creatures from all backgrounds of the Old Kingdom. Her battles with herself and the outside world keeps you hooked from page one to the end.
Lirael: A Daughter of the Clayr is supposed to have blonde hair and tanned skin, so when young Lirael sees herself in the mirror with her pale white skin and black hair, she sees someone who so obviously doesn't belong. Panged with the realization that she might never gain the Sight, Lirael begins divulging in the world of the Charter. With a terrifying mishap, Lirael gains an enemy and her best friend, the Disreputable Dog. Lirael begins her journey throughout the Great Library, finding herself in sticky situations that test her every ability and strength. As she grows, Lirael distances herself from the Clayr and is sent on a quest of her very own for the Clayr. After traveling some distances, Lirael runs into Sam, the King and Abhorsens' son. By a twist of fate, their lives are brought together and they must face the impending fate of the world together.
Abhorsen: Having brought together Sam and Lirael (and the Disreputable Dog and Moggot), they travel together in the Old Kingdom to figure out what has happened to Sam's friend, Nick, who is thought to be under the control of an evil Necromancer somewhere near a place called Red Lake. Without much knowledge of the place, and two pets who seem not to be able to speak of their pasts, the two set out in search of Nick and a way to defeat the evil thing lurking at the lake. Lirael and Sam are put to their ultimate test of bravery in this novel, facing the possibility of death numerous times.

I recommend these books completely, and must say that they are some of my favorite novels. I have reread them many times, to the point where their covers are falling off!

With this, I hope you enjoy the reviews (this and the ones that follow) and find what Lydia and I are doing to be helpful and entertaining! We love literature and hope you share in that passion. Enjoy! <3

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