Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

So it’s the sixth day of the new year and I feel like I’ve accomplished nothing and that my issues from last year are now tumbling over into this year. Which is why I’m going to comprise my list of resolutions and actually do them this year!!!

Le list:

1) Keep this blog maintained!!! A lot of stuff is gonna happen and I'm determined to get the ball rolling on this! Andi is too (hopefully!! who are we kidding of course she is!!!) This also means the twitter as well!

2) Take more pictures! I got a camera for Christmas from my dad so I think this is going to be an easy one!

3) See my boyfriend more! First trip up there of the year is taking place in February! And hopefully good fortune will allow us to see each other more than twice this year!!

4) Transfer out of my current school and go to a different on come fall and STAY there until I recieve a piece of paper saying that I am a college graduate!!!

5) Write two books and a screenplay! I have ideas and they just need to get out of my head and typed or written or something!!

6) Get another job! (Have to have income to do half the things I want to do!)

7) Obtain a smartphone! (I have no interwebs or texting on my current phone hence why i’m physically on a computer the majority of my social networking time)

8) Re-launch my Youtube channel? (this may or may not happen…..we’ll see)

9) Work on my French and pick up spanish too.

10) Travel more outside the realm of seeing my man!

11) Perfect my picking at my guitar into actually playing my guitar!!!

I think that’s enough! 11 resolutions for 2011? Sounds good to me! Sweet!

Well this is my list! Hopefully Andi is gonna put her list up too and then we'll all be set! Looking forward to this year most definately!!!

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